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Residential Landscaping & Designs

With a degreed landscape architect and architectural engineer/horticulturalist on staff, our knowledgeable design team aims to create an extension of your living space that seamlessly integrates the style of your home and your lifestyle. Your home is most likely your biggest investment in life. Our goal is to provide the perfect pedestal upon which to display your most prized possession. 

The Designer Advantage 
Why bother with a designer? The expression, "you get what you pay for," applies to landscape design as much as it does anything else. Our formally-educated design team makes a substantial time investment to ensure that your landscape design meets your likes and dislikes, site conditions, budget, and present and future needs. Then, they work closely with our crews to ensure that those beautiful plans become a reality. We believe that a good landscape design does not cost, it pays.


"Landscaping as a home improvement project has a recovery value of 100-200% if it is well done and harmonizes with the nearby surrounding. This compares to a Kitchen overhead of 75-125% or a Bathroom redesign of 80-120%."
- Money Magazine

Landscaping & Designs 
Let our educated designers create a unique, low-maintenance planting design for your property. We can offer a simple landscape consultation, a master-plan, or a full design and installation. When designing a landscape, we take into consideration existing plant material, soil conditions, sun light, color palette, seasonal interest, deer resistance, kids, pets, maintenance, and more. All of our plant material has a one year guarantee.

Spring & Fall CleanUps

We provide expert seasonal maintenance which include the following services:

  • All landscape beds cleaned out & weeded
  • All landscape beds professionally edged
  • All shrubs professionally pruned
  • A professional grade pre-emergent herbicide will be applied to all landscape beds
  • Triple ground premium dark hardwood mulch applied to all landscape beds
  • All landscape beds will be raked level and left neat & clean 


  • Application of professional grade fertilizer
  • Spraying of small trees and shrubs to deter insects, diseases & pests
  • Seasonal floral displays

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