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Commercial Maintenance

With over forty years of combined experience, the Commercial Maintenance Management Team offers expertise in lawn care, fertilization, shrub & tree pruning, disease control, snow removal and irrigation. With every property, we strive to understand each customer's needs and maintain a level of care and commitment that surpasses their expectations.

Commercial Lawn Mowing 
Turf mowing is possibly the most visible service we offer. Turf is such an enormous part of your property's image, don't gamble with its care. You can trust Midwest Grounds to plan and execute mowing patterns that enhance your turf and keep grass out of landscape beds and paved areas. We also maintain 90 degree edges around landscape beds, sidewalks and paved areas.
Aeration & Fertilization 
Aeration - Periodic turf aeration is essential to the health of your existing turf grass and to the propagation and growth of new turf. Aeration reduces soil compaction, allows deeper root growth, decreases water runoff, penetrates heavy thatch and makes the turf more heat and drought tolerant. Mechanical core aeration is one of the most effective preventative maintenance services you can perform to ensure healthy, green turf.

Fertilization - A high quality turf fertilization program is the best way to ensure a beautiful, lush turf year after year. Midwest Grounds certified chemical applicators will apply the industry's finest products at proper intervals throughout the year. In addition, we will be on constant watch for potential turf problems like weeds, fungus or insect infestations so that such issues can be addressed quickly, mitigating potential damage. Our standard 6-step program has been developed over years of working within the greater Cincinnati soil conditions and climate. We typically recommend the following: 

March 1-April 30 
1. Slow Release Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent 

April 1-April 30 
2. Weed Control with Broadleaf Herbicide 

April 1-May 30 
3. Slow Release Fertilizer 

June 1-June15 
4. Slow Release Fertilizer 

July 15-August 1 
5. Slow Release Fertilizer & Spot Weed Control 

September 1-October 15 
6. Slow Release Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent

Pruning, Mulching & Weed Control
Regular pruning is essential to maintain a clean property appearance. With a maintenance contract, all deciduous plant material under 12' will be pruned and shaped at the proper time of the year for each specific variety of plant. At that time, all diseased or injured wood will be removed. Also, ensure the survival of your annual floral displays by adding our floral maintenance service. We will keep your displays watered and regularly remove spent blooms. 

SPRING MULCH SERVICE - Cleans winter debris from all landscape beds. A new edge will be cut around each bed. Each bed will be treated with a pre-emergent herbicide and then covered with new dark shredded hardwood mulch.
LATE MULCH TURNING - Recommended in mid to late summer, this service turns existing mulch to break up any hard barriers created by sun & rain and allows fall rains to reach the roots below. This service also rejuvenates the dark, lush appearance of the mulch lost through the season to sun fade.

Small Tree/Shrub Spraying  
Our small tree and shrub spraying program will deter the typical Cincinnati insects, diseases and pests from harming shrubs and trees on your property. We recommend these three separate insecticide applications: 

1. Dormant Oil- prevents maturation of un-hatched larvae 

2. Insecticide- control inch worms, bag worms, caterpillars, June beetles and Japanese beetles 

Dormant Oil- prevents maturation of un-hatched larvae in late winter

Weed Control
A well-manicured landscape must be weed free. Our weekly weed maintenance is performed while crews are on-site to mow the turf. With each service, weeds will be treated or removed, leaving your landscape beds weed free and beautiful. Regular weed suppression is essential to the presentation of a beautiful property. Our service provides systematic treatment and removal of weed material in landscape beds and joints or cracks in paved areas.


Fall Leaf Removal
Although leaves look beautiful on trees, they cause big problems when they build up on top of turf. A heavy blanket of leaves will inhibit the amount of sunlight and water the turf receives which will stunt its growth and promote disease. We can provide a fall leaf removal and remove all excess leaves, allowing the turf to go dormant for the winter without smothering it or allowing fungus and diseases to develop. Our leaf removal service is tailored to your specific property. Different types of deciduous trees drop their leaves at different rates. By researching your property and planning visits based on projected drop rates, we can group like trees together and minimize occurrences, therefore saving you money.


Spring & Fall Clean-Up 
We recommend a spring clean-up to prepare properly for the growing season ahead. Between February 15 and June 30, we will remove unwanted winter debris, treat and/or remove weeds, edge landscape beds and apply 1" of dark, triple-ground hardwood mulch to all landscape beds. In addition, winter growth will be pruned of shrubs, ornamental trees and groundcovers. (*Excessive growth may result in a full pruning service.)

We provide expert seasonal maintenance which include the following services:
  • All landscape beds cleaned out & weeded 
  • All landscape beds professionally edged 
  • All shrubs professionally pruned 
  • A professional grade pre-emergent herbicide will be applied to all landscape beds 
  • Triple ground premium dark hardwood mulch applied to all landscape beds 
  • All landscape beds will be raked level and left neat & clean 

*Application of professional grade fertilizer 
*Spraying of small trees and shrubs to deter insects, diseases & pests 
*Seasonal floral displays


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